Monday, February 9, 2009

More Internet Drivel from a Reliable Source

It is my understanding that if I create a web log, at least one trillion people will eventually visit and collectively embrace me to their digital bosoms. That's a lot of bosoms; more, actually, than there are dollars in the fiscal stimulus package. Therefore, with visions of digital bosoms dancing in my very modest brain, I am launching "An Inconvenient Bruce", my very own soapblog. I make no apologies to Al Gore.

As I am a recovering businessman, musician, writer and mediocre raconteur, my hope is that I may eventually produce some information and/or insight about something that will benefit mankind or womankind (especially the ones with the bosoms who will embrace me; digitally speaking).

My plan is to also use this space to publish, in serialized fashion, my latest literary effort, The Baby Boom Delusion, a book that is currently being reviewed and summarily rejected by every single literary agent in New York for being "too depressing". Well, I say, if one can't be depressed about the current state of affairs and the Baby Boom's contribution to same, then that person has not been paying attention. New Yorkers, I find, often do not pay attention unless it happens in New York.

Naturally, I will treasure the feedback that comes pouring in from my trillion or so bosom buddies, though I may not respond to all.

If you are reading this initial missive, you are currently on my e-mail distribution list. If you have e-mail contacts who might be interested in some of my various postings, please forward this to them so that they too, can join in the fun by visiting "An Inconvenient Bruce" to be entertained, offended, outraged, illuminated, titillated (which sounds like it has to do with bosoms and sometimes does) and/or updated.

As for now, I will leave you with an Observoid of the Day:

Barack Obama has been president for three entire weeks and, except for large chunks of the Kansas population, the sky has not fallen and socialism has only a tenuous hold on the financial system.


  1. Hi, Bruce, welcome to the world of blogging. My brother, living in Raleigh and selling insurance sent me your link. I will be following you so I must add you to my blogroll.

    If you are interested in hum-drum, nothing major changing in life, about my life, visit me at


  2. ecurb - what with your first post built around bosoms and your second theme being pubic hairs I am somewhat concerned about what's next. everything OK there? wink. wink. love, yllod