Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Bumper Sticker Solutions Needn't Apply

If I were a much smarter and more analytical writer, I might have written the article to which I now direct you. Alas, David Goldhill gets the credit and all I can do is to say, "Attaboy" and pass it along. I thank my son-in-law, Travis Thomas, and my friend Pat Morgan (knuckle dragging conservatives, both) for bringing this article to my attention.

If your tolerance for reading about health care solutions is limited to Twitter-length messages, this piece is likely wasted on you. If, however, you could benefit from some well-researched straight talk about the real (but politically unrealistic in the short-term) changes needed to heal a dysfunctional "system" and introduce true free-market cost discipline into American health care, then your time and reflection will be well-spent.

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Observoid of the Day: Dude ranch horses and lemmings have much in common.

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  1. Bruce, C-Span had Mayo CEO on this morning. There are a series of steps and solutions, but people must stop posturing and listen then think. We are in this together and even those who think the statis quo is fine are in for a bumpy ride if nothing is done. Keep inconviencing us, Ruthi